0.01 and 1.0 as insignificant as it seems when standing alone can be a major part of a whole. They can humiliate you when you need them most. They are unknown yet so indispensable and important. After all, Logically, It is many 0.01 and 1.0 that make up many hundreds of whole numbers.

They are not an extreme or rear situation when looked at in these different everyday ways:

Until you make 69% in any course, you will appreciate 1.0.

Until your CGPA is 3.49 or 4.49, you will beg that reconciliation officer for 0.01.

Until you want to make an online payment of #5000 for a material by 6pm and your last balance is #4,999, meanwhile you need to submit before 8am the next day, you will love 0.01.

Until you want to renew a subscription on any mobile network to browse for facts to complete an assignment, you mistakenly did not turn off data connection before recharging and a 5kb/#1 accumulated data plan applies leaving you with #99.0, 1.0 will deal with you especially when you got #100 from begging.

You can add your own scenarios.

1. Unity is strength. Team spirit achieves more. You can only achieve little alone.
2. There has to be a part before a whole can be achieved. Keep gathering the pieces, You will form a whole
3. Never Under-rate, Demean, and Undermine anybody or anything. They will become useful in the near future.
4. Take small and steady steps diplomatically. You will meet all set goals.

You can add your own Moral lessons.Use the comment box.

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