Excuse Me, I think I know You.

These Information carriers always show up with this phrase to either ruin, mar, destroy or make people at their peak periods and joyful moments. When people feel their Joy knows no bounds, they just show up interrupting. At the end of the almighty interruption, they are always left with a good state of mind or a worse situation.

Well, from the many times this phrase has been used in such moments, it always turned out bad. Those Joy killers sha. Either ways, Something good still comes out of Galilee.

This phrase evokes tension. Tension to the person being told and the person being referred to. Hence, the reaction ‘A penny for your thought’.
i know you surpprise

It invokes curiosity. They would want to know what they actually know about the person. In turn, Someone ‘the being referred to’ would have several mixed feelings and worst moments especially when they got themselves mixed up with some shady deals and just remembered the face of the person. Hence, The courageous ones will say fastly I Don’t Know You.
i dont know u

For the timid, They even get ill before the information carrier divulges the information. Sometimes, It would feel as though the ground should just swallow them up. If it were in a party, their glass of wine could fall off their hands. Some even walk away from the scene because they know this Fellow is up to no good.

I keep telling friends, always be responsible for your actions and defend them anytime defending them is the only option and way out of an ugly situation.

This same phrase passes for bringing an individual to a limelight. It could be an opportunity to blow someone’s trumpet. The information that would be passed could be edifying to both parties. It could be a morale booster. A clean sheet prove. A sort of recommendation and a pass. It could be what you needed at that moment when your transparency, credibility and efficiency is being weighed and brought under a microscope. That is, It speaks for you when you lack convincing words.

This phrase could be like a magnifier. That moment when knowing someone adds value to you. Taking a look at the references we provide on some of our forms and CV. Our referrals are people we know and they can attest and say ‘I know this person’. For instance, If you know an Army general or any other Law enforcement personnel, It goes a long way to decriminalize you.

After all, there is something good about this phrase. Who do you know? Who knows you?

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