A Reading tool is any studying enhancing substance, object, time, style, location and position one identifies and employs to ensure easy assimilation and longer reading periods. In other words, It is anything that aids reading and assimilation.

Substance: The use of Caffeine and Weed. Some say the use of weed optimizes their morale and help them understand every word written including unclear ones. Meaning they see clear. Well, I am quite sure that not everyone that uses weed remains sane enough to tell the story. Use of caffeine/coffee just to keep awake.
cofee reading

Object: Use of Teddy Bears, Dolls and other handy objects. Results of my Research proved that Girls say hugging a Teddy/Doll while reading eases comprehension. I now wondered how that is possible, Most girls hug teddies for some other reason especially when it is given to them by a Boyfriend. Hmmm Enough said. Another amazing result I gathered is an account of a Boy who said holding a Stick is his best object handling mode of assimilation. Use of water- drinking, washing of face and Leg immersions. Sleep runs away.

Time: Midnight, Early Morning, Midday and Evening are some preferred times. Midnight time got most upvotes. Any time one chooses is his best time mode reading tool.

Upright Seated.
class reading

Toilet Seated. dad toilet reading

Comfort mode. indoor reading
Which is you?

Location. Classrooms, Library, Private Rooms and Uncompleted buildings. Some Students say they comprehend more when they enter uncompleted buildings, convert Blocks to seats and Mini walls to Tables. Surprising and scary my mind wandered. What if a snake appears at the scene? One might not even notice because of the high engrossment level. Now one pays for identifying a best location?

Now there is a group that buys several brands of biscuits, sweets and mints, food and fries, and other forms of chewables. Reading ends when their mouths are no longer moving. Does chewing really motivate you to read and understand? If yes, continue. I think it distracts.

Some students identified Mixing Milo and Milk in a cup and Lick away as the best tool.

6 Table Spoon full of Milo
7 Table Spoon Full of Milk
A Fancy Cup
A Tea Spoon (Baby’s Spoon size)

Mix both together thoroughly in a cup.

One(1) Tea spoon full for one page. You keep licking it till that page ends.

Excellent timing for each page and each sweet spoon full. You can go 100pages if you can scoop 100 spoons of your mixed milo and milk. Some claimed they read some of their materials up to 4 times comfortably with so much understanding.

Never run out of stock. Always replace when finished.

Side effect:
Growing out of shape. Fat precisely. Sugar addiction.

What is your best tool? I think mine is the Milo and Milk section. Kindly share yours with us using the Comment box below.

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