Poem: Schooling and I.

And as a Toddler, I cried on my first day at School,
Constantly refused to be taken away by Teachers waiting,
I never saw the reason of being separated from friends at home cool,
I kept on and on wailing.

At Primary stage, It was a different ball game,
I have learnt to be independent,
I could happily write and spell my name,
Being in the learning game made me more confident.

6-3-3-4, 6 had gone and it was time for the first 3,
I discover myself even more with my Composure,
Several more Subjects and concepts were tackled,
6-3-3-4 and it was time for the second 3,
It was time to prove myself and away from feeling intimidated,
At the end of it all I gained so much Exposure.

The 4-Now I faced the world squarely,
Tertiary level was a specialisation journey,
These concepts were not passed easily,
Inspite of all the hurdles Success was my harmony.

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