While growing up, we were socialized to the norms and values that an academically bright child had better grades as prove. In our class, kids that had better grades represented us in competitions and sometimes returned with trophies. They usually picked these kids from the Top Ten of the general class grades and members. These kids became the academic bourgeoisie and there was not much we could do about that. This stratification went on until we started finding some feet and secrets of success. We went up the scale and became part of the Academic elite class.

Later in the tertiary stage, we began to hear Your grades don’t define your intellect. We thought it was just a concept of the students, for students and by the students in the Higher institutions. Until some scholars and professors started to proponent the theory.

However, In as many perspectives as you can look at this phrase critically, You will encounter differing thoughts on some grades and intellect issues.

It somehow means that the direct synonym of Grade is Luck. And Intellect can not be reflected in your grades. This definition for me is a harsh and hasty one. How then do people get so highly placed and recognised for academic excellence and scholarships as some cases may be. Differing thoughts? Use the comment box.

What of when we hail coursemates for outstanding performances after results are known for a school year? Or are these gestures born out of acknowledging luck and not really recognising academic performance?

Sufficiently, Intellect has the following synonyms: Mind, Brain, Brains, Head, Intelligence, Reason, Understanding, Comprehension, Thought, Brainpower, Sense, Judgement, Wisdom, Wits etc

This phrase also is like looking directly into the face of a First Class Graduate and Saying, “You got here by Luck”. Hmmmm. You might just get a thunderous slap as a reply.

Worse still, A well known ‘Question-answerer’ with precision in Class or A ‘Book Opener’ in Examinations who does not find himself up the ladder during grade times but his friends that duplicates his work are always there. Could this be bad luck? Or Village elders at it again? Or Intellect has refused to define his grades? Or the Education gods are to blame? Lecturers’ Mistakes?
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Well, I can authoritatively state here that You act like an entrepreneur any moment you let your friends duplicate your work, you bear the risk. Risk? Yes. If a Lecturer marks theirs’ first, second, third…. and yours hundredth, it would be difficult to dictate who copied who and your grades will go down. So you will still join the bandwagon quote ” Your Grades don’t define your intellect”
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Examining the scenario of a Known Student that can not defend himself academically, conceptually or un-outspoken yet he makes all the ‘A’s silently and this is the argument I basically think and propound that led to the summary that your grades don’t define your intellect. Just like god of Soccer, Do we have any concept as god of grades? Use the comment box and air your views.

On another thinking, some people are good in writing and can not speak, some are best in speaking and write poorly. It could be that this fellow with ‘A’ grades can defend himself in writing.

What could be the main hypothesis for the conclusion that Grades don’t define intellect.

Asking Readers now, Are you for or against this assertion? Clearly state your view and your reason for your stance.

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