Afribary is an Online Academic Library and Largest in Africa, We give everyone an opportunity to build a career and become a freelancer with us.

We have over 10000 academic materials in our database and we are still growing. These works were done by ardent freelancers and the purpose of these materials is to provide help to individuals who are writing their Projects, Thesis, Dissertations, Assignments and Term papers. You too can add to our existing pool by uploading your own documents.

We have over 60000 users and a ready market to help you actualize an online freelancer career.

If you are a Student, Researcher or passionate about acquiring new knowledge, you can apply to become part of our freelance program. You work online and get paid online.

In, a Freelancer makes money on the site by doing this two things:

1. Upload Academic Works (Papers, Book Reviews, Reports, Project Materials, Assignments and Notes) done by you and your friends. Fix your own prices reasonably. We sell, You earn each time we sell your work.

2. Place bids on User submitted research work write requests, you get selected to do the job by the user, complete the research work and earn.

To start, Click on ‘Apply’ above. Register first then apply to become a Researcher. We approve your request within 48 hours after which you start uploading your materials.

If You need help, Kindly use the Zopim Live Chat on the Website, Facebook Inbox ‘Afribary’, Twitter Mentions ‘@afribary’ and the comment section below.

Welcome on board.

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