Sources of Nigerian Law

Sources of Nigerian law denote where Nigerian law came from. The major question is that where did we get the present laws that we now call our own? Did they fall from heaven? Where did we get them from? We generally have six sources of Nigerian... Read more →

How to Avoid Contracting The Lassa Fever Virus

The Primary Host of the Lassa Fever Virus is the Rat.   Our Hostels have often times been besieged by heavy duty Rats. They are always after food stuff in the female hostel or sweaty shoes in the male hostels. Whatever that attracts... Read more →

Most Googled Nigerian Universities in 2015

Following Google’s release of its ‘year in search’ list for 2015, we want to show you most googled Nigerian Universities in 2015. Can you guess which Universities made the list? Well, you better not guess because you are about... Read more →

32 ways To Be Creative

Want to be different from everyone else? Then try these creative tips. 1. Start and Invest your idea. 2. Live Like there is no crisis 3. It’s always too early to quit 4. Don’t try doing. Just Do. 5. Stay Hungry 6. Think Simple 7.... Read more →
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