#TGIF: Updates, People and Fridays.

Thank God It’s Friday or Thank Goodness It’s Friday also known as TGIF is a popular Friday update used by all and sundry. Some peeps say TGIF for them is Thank God I’m Favoured. Whatever expression given to it, its short and... Read more →

Series: An Evening Stroll Round a Certain Town.

Once again, I took my routine walk round a certain town. Right after my team was trashed black and blue, they seem to have become specialists in failure and worsening an already bad weekend, well, like I said, I took a stroll. All at once, At... Read more →
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5 Reasons People become ‘Anti-Link Clicks’

A Link usually hyperlink is a link from a hypertext document to another location, activated by clicking on a highlighted word or image. Clicking on links usually diverts a user to a Website, Blog, Page, Group, Ads and Application. People have... Read more →

5 kinds of Room Mates You should avoid.

Room Mate Phenomenon is not just a School-Student terminology. A Room mate is simply anyone who shares a room with you even if it is just for one night. Almost Everyone has or had a room-mate while in school or when you find or found yourselves... Read more →
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