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Exclusive Humour: How to Know You Are Poor.

You do not have to be on the street with portable plates hung around your neck moving from car to car in traffic before you can measure how poor you are or get convinced you are poor. Most of those beggars have built mansions in their villages... Read more →
kneeling with stone

Opinion: How Effective is Punishment?

I had my own fair share of punishments while growing up. It was a double experience, in School and at Home. The School experience was usually harsher than Home where Parents and Older Siblings were lenient. These days, I am not even sure if... Read more →

RETHINK: The Advantages of Schooling in Nigeria

Hello There, Before now you have been thinking life would have treated you fairly if you were schooling or schooled abroad. Well, after reading me on the advantages of Schooling in Nigeria, you are going to have a rethink. I am not even going... Read more →
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