sleeping problems

How to Deal With Inability to Sleep-Insomnia

“If humans need 12 hours of sleep every day and you get 4 hours, It’s a disorder and abnormal.”_Chika Getting enough sleep keeps you refreshed, energized and enriched. If you do not feel this way after waking up, then you possibly... Read more →

Unilever Future Leaders Trainee Programme 2016

Unilever invites application for the Unilever Future Leaders Programme. The Unilever Future Leaders Programme is about developing tomorrow’s leaders, today. It’s designed to grow you into a manager, through hands-on learning alongside world-class... Read more →

How to Avoid Contracting The Lassa Fever Virus

The Primary Host of the Lassa Fever Virus is the Rat.   Our Hostels have often times been besieged by heavy duty Rats. They are always after food stuff in the female hostel or sweaty shoes in the male hostels. Whatever that attracts... Read more →

15 Rules of Punctuation and How to Use Them.

English Langauge writing has rules which you must follow. Otherwise, you are no longer writing English language. Today, we would like to show you how best to use your punctuation marks in sentence.   1. Spacing after punctuation: One (1)... Read more →

African Studies Scholarships for 2016-2017

This list is for African Students, run through to view scholarship eligible for students in your country. Go ahead and apply because they are all still open till end of January.   The African Studies Centre of the University of Oxford is... Read more →
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