A Simple Guide to Writing a Scope of the Study

A Simple Guide to Writing a Scope of the Study

You're probably at that stage where you need to write a research work. Research writing is important, and it requires to be approached with precision. Part of the table of content of every research is the scope of the study, which gives an oversight of a study.

What is the scope of the study?

The scope of the study explains the extent to which your research area will be explored, and the parameters the study will operate. It gives the reader and the writer an insight into what the study is aimed at and what should be anticipated.

This implies that the scope of the study should define the purpose of your study, the sample size and qualities, geographical location, the timeframe at which the study will be executed, theories the study will focus on, etc.

The scope of the study is just an aspect of research writing, and great attention needs to be taken not to go beyond what is expected. Therefore, the scope of the study sheds light on areas your study will cover and what it focuses on. What your study area is not going to focus on is of no relevance to your research study, and the scope of the study eliminates that.

Now that you understand the study's scope, how do you write one for your research work?

How To Write A Scope Of The Study

In writing the Scope of the Study of research work, you need to include significant points that will guide your audiences (readers) and provide them with adequate information about the rationale and limits of your study.

To write your scope of the study, you need to restate the research problem and objectives of your study. You should state the period in which your study focuses on. The research methods utilized in your study should also be stated. This incorporates data such as sample size, geographical location, variables, and the method of analysis. You also need to state the academic theories applied to the data. This conveys to the reader the lens of analysis you are using. Collection of all data is impossible on a subject and exploration of all aspects of a subject. Therefore, all research is restricted in scope and subjected to limitations.

When writing your scope of the study, you need to note that if you broaden it too much, you may not be able to do justice to the study. That is, it may take a longer period to complete. Also, limiting your scope might limit your findings and make the research easier at your end. Before you define the scope of your work, you need to analyze the feasibility of your study.

For instance, if you are writing on the topic "The Impact of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Nigeria Election from 2009-2018", your scope will comprise all impacts (positive or negative) within the stated time frame. The anti-corruption agencies analyzed would also be included. Obtaining data for this time frame may also be tasking.

Examples of a Scope of Study

Below is a hypothetical example of the scope of study culled from Discoverphds. The research question analyzes the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health.

While the immediate negative health problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have been well documented, the impact of the virus on the mental health (MH) of young adults (age 18-24 years) is poorly understood. This study aims to report on MH changes in the population group due to the pandemic.
The scope of the study is limited to recruiting 100 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 24 who will be reached through their university email accounts. This recruitment duration will last for a maximum of 2 months and will end when 100 volunteers have been recruited or the 2 months duration has passed. Each volunteer for the study will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to evaluate any changes in their mental health.


Scope of the study is important in every research work as it helps the researcher to focus his study within achievable parameters. The target of a project is also determined by clearly stating your focus. Finally, it states why a particular data will be or is eliminated from the research work.