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Role Of Nnannbuife Age Grade In Promoting Rural Development In Nsugbe Community Anambra East L.g.a In Anambra State

Rural development intervention in Nigeria has emphasized the role of government and their statutory agencies, in driving social and infrastructural development. This approach has led to the...

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Impact Of Social Media On Students Academic Performance (a Study Old University Of Abuja)

The aim of the study was to analyze the impact of social media on the student’s academic performance [A study of students of University of Abuja]. To achieve this, the survey research method...

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The Influence Of Mass Media On Children Mental Development

this study covers the ınfluence of mass medıa on chıldren mental development, specifically the use of media and technology, children’s educational tv, and some electronical gadgets owners...

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The Challenges Of Digitization Of Broadcasting Media In Nigeria And The Way Forward

digitization is the current trend in broadcasting, both in nigeria and the world over. the international telecommunication union, itu, set 2015 for the entire broadcasting stations in the worl...

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Analysis Comparative Of The Performance Of Journalist In Government And Private Owned Media Organization

this research work is aimed at finding the journalist that is freer between those in private and government owned media organizations, using ray-power and frcn enugu as a focus, to achieve max...

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Media Effect On Resident Attitude Toward Hosting The Olympic Games: A Cross-national Study Between China And The Usa

News media helped individuals think about and understand the impacts of hosting the Olympic Games, enabling them to clarify or construct their own opi...

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The Attitude Of Female Mass Communication Students Towards Journalism As A Career, In Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

title page the attitudeof female mass communication students towards journalism as a career,  in nnamdi azikiwe university awka   by ...

Free 91 pages 12487 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

The Role Of Television In The Campaign For Women Political Empowerment

In recent time, women empowerment has been a dream yet to be achieved and realized. the low rate of female participation in politics compared to that of their male counter-parts in nigeria cre...

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The Impact Of Government Ownership And Control Of Anambra Broadcasting Service (radio) On Media Objectivity.

mass media are very important tools of communication, through which information is passed to even the farthest end of the society. they enable us to communicate with each other by helping us t...

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The Impact Of “benue This Week” A Radio Benue Programme On The Rural Development Of Katsina-ala Local Government Area

The study examined the impact of “benue this week”-a radio benue programme on the rural development of katsina-ala local government area, using the survey research method, the researcher d...

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