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The Role Of Teachers In Promoting Skill Acquisition Among Senior Secondary School Students In Production Agriculture

The study investigated the role of teachers in promoting skill acquisition among senior secondary school students in production agriculture. It was a descriptive survey design. A sample of 120 agricul...

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The Effect Of Parental Influence On The Choice Of Career Among Secondary School Students

The study was carried out to identify the effects of parental influence has on the child's learning and his future life, endeavour of student in egor  local government area of edo st...

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The Influence Of Organizational Climate And Teachers Job Satisfaction On The Teachers Job Performance In Secondary Schools

The study was predicated on the need to provide empirical evidences to the influence of organizational climate and teacher’s job satisfaction on the teacher’s job performance in imo state....

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Strategies For Changing Undesirable Classroom Behaviour In Secondary School In Enugu North Local Government Area Of Enugu State

 The study entitled “strategies for changing undesirableclassroom behaviour in secondary school in enugu north local government area ofenugu state”, had the aim of identif...

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Roles Of Mass Media And National Development

The role of media innational development.   ...

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Teaching Effectiveness Of Secondary School Teachers In Emohua Local Government Area Of Rivers State, Nigeria

national development all over the world has continued to be intricately tied to educational development in whichthe teacher is the critical element. many countries of the world have realiz...

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The User’s Ict Competence And Attitude As Factors Influencing Use Of Electronic Reference Services In Academic Libraries. (a Case Study Of Imo State University Library.)

 thisresearch work is on the user’s ict competence and attitude as factorsinfluencing use of electronic reference services in academic libraries. a casestudy of imo st...

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The Methods & Importance Of Achieving Good Communication Between Staff And Student

The art of communication involves listening and speaking as well as reading and writing. Staffs need to be highly skilled in all these areas to excel in their profession. Proficient communicators rece...

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Secondary Education In Nigeria

introductionthe federal republic of nigeria (2004) national policy on education section 5, no 20 contains the widely acceptable definition of secondary education. the policy defines secondary educatio...

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An Investigation Of The Relevance Of Educational Psychology Into Teaching – Learning Process

this project was on the relevance of educational psychology into teaching learning processes in secondary schools in enugu north local government area of enugu state.  the study was speci...

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