Foreshadowing Reconciliation Without The Majority

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The Norwegianization policy against Sami, Kvens, and other minorities aimed at assimilating them into Norwegian culture. The policy did not consider their identity, language, and culture. The Norwegian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was established in 2018 to help reconcile and restore the status of the alienated minority groups within mainstream society. Comparisons will be made between the analogies of the Norwegian, Canadian, and South African TRCs. The role of civil organizations, particularly the churches' role in colonization, in the apartheid period, and the respective TRCs. Most Truth Commissions have been shaped by their particular historical contexts, the methodological orientation utilized, the type of reports produced, and their impact have been different. However, there is still much in common between various Truth Commissions that have, at one time or another, established their raison d’être, composition, the perception, and priorities of their commissioners. These reflect the needs and political realities of each country. This paper aims to give an overview on some of the Norwegian TRC and examines the context in which these commissions were established, their mandate and modus operandi and their impact on the concerned countries. The common weakness of the TRCs worldwide is lack of political involvement in addressing social and economic transformation or the mandate of commission members. The TRCs have failed to address the lack of involvement of the Indigenous and other minorities. 

Keywords: Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Norway, Reconciliation, Norwegianization, Sami, Canada, South Africa

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