Research Papers/Topics in Marketing/Sales

Sanghar, Sindh, Pakistan Flood Condition in 2022 as compare to 2020

Abstract:   Detailed study of the reasons of flood and impact on the environment in the Sanghar district of the province of Sindh Pakistan. The Flood effects this area very large scale. The tiles downloaded from the USGS from the time period of 2017 to 2019 and the 2020 to 2022. Major focus on the 2022 flood because flood is coming in the 2022 in this area.

Impact of TMT and MI on Organization Performance

The research works is to examine the impact of top management team and market information in manufacturing industries (A Case Study of Nestle Nig. Plc.). For the purpose of this study, the researchers has identified the problem formulated the research questions and hypothesis, research design through the use of structured questionnaires. In order to answer the research question and achieve the objective of the study, the following hypotheses are stipulated:There is no cordial relationship b...

The Effects Of Marketing Promotional Strategies on Sales Volumes, A Case Study Carried out on MulTichoice Kenya Limlited.

ABSTRACTThe study was conducted to determine the impact of sales promotion strategies on sales volume In Kenya a case study of MKL Company limited. The objectives of the study were to assess the impact of the sales promotion strategies employed by multichoice Kenya limited on the increasing sales volume in the organization, to identifY the sales promotion strategy (ies) used byMKL, to establish how to improve sales in MKL, to identify changes faced by MKL in implementing s...