Research Papers/Topics in Cinical Health Psychology

A Review of Factors Influencing Patronage of Traditional Bone Setters (TBS) in Nigeria

The paper reviews the factors influencing patronage of traditional bone setters (TBS) by bone fracture patients, despite the services of modern orthopaedic surgeons (MOS) and well-equipped medical orthopaedic centers in Nigeria. Major causes of bone fractures in Nigeria include: road traffic accident, road side fall, workplace fall, fall at home, fall from heights, gun-short injury, assault, sports, etc. Categories of bone fractures include: closed fractures, open fractures, joint injuries, s...

Social, Legal and Ethical Challenges of Organ Donation and Transplantation in Nigeria

Organ donation includes the mediums of medically and surgically transplanting the tissue or organ from one individual known as the organ donor, to be placed in the body of another individual who is referred to as the recipient. The act of transplanting may become a dire medical procedure when the organs of a recipient suffer failure, damage, injury or disease.