Opportunity: Merit award at University of Genova for International Students

Type: Award

Value: € 200 to € 400

Location: Italy

Who Can Apply: International students



About The Award

The University of Genova is one of the largest universities in Italy ranked 13th among Italian universities by the ARWU. It strives to provide the highest quality education for student success in business and related careers in cooperation with the international business community.

In order to be awarded the merit award, students must meet the following requirements:

  • full-time enrollment (study plan with at least 31 ECTS) within the normal duration of the course
  • previous contribution regularity and regular enrollment for the current academic year.

€ 200.00 reduction of the University Contribution for students enrolled in a degree course (three-year, master’s, single-cycle), who have obtained the qualification required for enrollment with full marks (Article 14, paragraph 1, letter C of the Regulation).

€ 400.00 for students in the first merit bracket.

International and domestic students who have enrolled in any bachelor or master degree programme at the University of Genova will be considered for this application . Students will be entitled to receive exemption in tuition fee of the applied programme up to a limited amount.



  • benefit from the total exemption from the University Contribution
  • enroll or have been enrolled on a part-time basis in the last year of the course of study
  • are not up to date with the payment of tuition fees, even previous ones, up to the time of the complete regularization of the contribution position towards the University
  • are beneficiaries of scholarships provided by the regional agency for the right to university study
  • They are in one of the following incompatibility situations
    • for the purpose of disbursement of “maximum grade” merit awards (for enrollment in the first year of a three-year, master’s or single-cycle degree course), have already been enrolled in a course of the same or higher level
    • for the purpose of disbursing the “decile” merit awards, they have already obtained a degree of the same level or higher
  • they register on the basis of agreements / conventions, even at an international level



How To Apply


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30th July 2021


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