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Frequently Asked Questions on Afribary

+What Type of Paper is Accepted on Afribary?

You can publish any academic/research work on Afribary including (articles, papers and essays, thesis, dissertation, projects, seminars, reports, lesson/study notes, book reviews, fictional and non-fictional works).

+Can I publish papers I have published elsewhere on Afribary?

Yes, you can. Simply create and account and click on the 'Publish Your Paper' link.

+Can I publish someone else's paper/work?

You must publish only papers or works you own or co-authored and have the copyright to.

+Can I receive a physical copy of a paper?

No. All papers and academic documents are available only in e-format.

+Someone published my work what do I do?

If you believe that your copyrighted work has been copied and/or is accessible on this site in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, you may notify us. Click Here to see our copyright claim procedure.

+How do I make Money on Afribary?

Afribary pays authors on the platform a percentage of the subscription fee collected from users who access the works. They final money you get depends on total subscription amount and the number of unique downloads and reads your works/papers get.

+How can I file a complaint to Afribary?

If you are unhappy about your experience with Afribary you can send a direct complaint via the Contact Us page. We take every complaint seriously and our Product/Customer Service team will get in touch quickly.

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