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Review of Toads by Philip Larkin (An Assignment)

The poet phillip Larkin was a poet who was initially despised by his fellows , he was accused of being a misogynist and his ideas were deemed obsolete and dry. Normally his poems propagated death and macabre. He despised the metamorphoses of his age he disliked many of his fellows living in that age. His poetry was full of dreariness sadness dullness, always leading a quest of survival and also ho to search for meaningful life. Larkin was more similar tan Samuel becket , but beckets opinion i...

Sub Altern ethics - power point

In postcolonial theory, the term subaltern describes the lower social classes and the Other social groups displaced to the margins of a society; in an imperial colony, a subaltern is a native man or woman without human agency, as defined by his and her social status.

WITHIN THE FEMININE WALL IN A PATRIARCHAL SPHERE - Review of Yejide Kilanko's Debut Novel ;Daughters Who Walk This Path

Daughters Who Walk This PathBy Yejide KilankoKachifo LimitedReviewed by Oke Adebola.Yejide’s debut novel, Daughters Who Walk This Path, is a feminine exploration of the socio-cultural parlance of Nigeria, in other words, it is a book for the women, by a woman and about the women – evident in the predominance of female characters and issues therein presented. It is a story that relates the trials and ordeals of womanhood and its attainment.  A reflection of the intricacies of the femi...