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Teachers' Perception of Entreprenuership Education Curriculum and its Implications on Implementation at Senior Secondary Schools in Kano Metropolis

The study examined the perception of teachers on the senior secondary Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum. Three research questions were formulated to guide the study. The research design adopted for the study is a descriptive survey. The population of the study consisted of all the public senior secondary schools in Kano Metropolis and the teachers within them. A purposive sampling technique was employed to select 343 teachers from 12 schools. The instrument for data collection w...

Integrating Information and Communucation Technology for Effective Instructional Delivery in Nigerian Colleges of Education

Nigeria as indeed other countries in the globe is committed to the attainment of the goals of education for all (EFA) as well as the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The key determinant of success in this regard is building the capacity of teacher educators on how to utilize ICT for effective instructional delivery which in turn, would impact on the products of the basic education system. The paper examines the concept of ICT, instructional delivery and the role of ICT in enhancing ...

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Implementation Issues in Senior Secondary Education Curriculum: Implications for Nigeria's cultural policy

This paper examined implementation issues in the new senior secondary education curriculum in Nigeria. It discussed the concept curriculum implementation. It enumerated the objectives of secondary education as indicated in National Policy on Education. Implementation issues in the new senior secondary education curriculum were highlighted and discussed. The prospects were pointed out and its implication for Nigeria's cultural policy itemized. Recommendations were made such as the fa...

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Changes in NCE Teacher Education Programme and Implications on Curriculum Implementation

The Nigerian Certificate in Education programme (NCE) is a special Advanced level course designed to produce quality teachers for the basic education sub-sector. In response to the widespread criticism that the existing NCE programme is dislocated from its service sector, the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) has revised and updated the existing NCE minimum standards documents by incorporating new programmes to address the existing teacher needs at the basic educa...

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Educational Technology for Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development

The paper discussed the concepts educational technology, lifelong learning and sustainable development in detail. The paper also described how instructional media and technologies can be employed to facilitate lifelong learning, and by implication, sustainable development. Some challenges facing the use of educational technology for lifelong learning and sustainable development have been pointed out. The paper concludes with recommendations such as: the fiscal provision for instructiona...

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The Concept of Progressive Elaboration

Ideas are the frame pillars upon which great innovations stands on and the beauty of these pillars rests on progressive elaboration. The fast pace movement in today’s world as it pertains to the place of technology evolution, automation of our daily routines and activities, innovative wealth creation models, and ideas has become the focal point and cynosure of the modern day economic driving forces. Through the pushing forces of the voracious need for ideas within the workplace, h...

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Organisations have lost out on big businesses due to this mindset of “what is my own with the customer?” Winning a customer is not the golden point, but it is in retaining and getting the customer to do more businesses.  What happens when these customers are under-served or when the products do not meet the specifications promised? The customer suffers from what is called cognitive dissonance and immediately moves on to the “next shop” for his/her satisfaction.In this work,...

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Establishment of Electromagnetic Distance Measurement (EDM) Calibration Base

Electromagnetic Distance Measurement (EDM) equipment is calibrated on a base to determine  instrument constants and errors. A series of measurements on a base can also be used to check  the performance and reliability of the instrument over time and to assess its precision against  the manufacturer's specifications. This research work, the establishment of Electromagnetic  Distance Measurement (EDM) calibration base entails the setting up of a functional base where  calibration of e...

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History of Ibadan (1820 - 1960)

This research work looks at the ancient city of Ibadan from the earliest time in the 16th century to what it had evolved into in the present day as a modern cosmopolitan city. Ibadan is today the largest city in Africa after Cairo in Egypt and Johannesburg, South Africa

Evaluation of Inhibitory Zone Diameter (IZD), Phytochemical Screening, Elemental Composition and Proximate Analysis of Crude Cleistopholis Patens Leaf

This purpose of this study is to determine the Inhibitory zone diameter (Izd), phytochemical screening, elemental composition and proximate analysis of crude Cleistopholis patens leaf, bark, aqueous and ethanol extracts on selected pathogenic isolates. The leaf and bark of Cleistopholis patens plants were obtained from a location in the southwestern part of Nigeria, in the tropical rainforest of Ikare Akoko, Ondo state and Ile Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. The six (6) bacterial isolates include E...