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AutoCAD design

IntroductionCreativity is one of the most important characteristics of man and most professions use this creativity in making designs and models and check its performance before building. In making designs and models, AutoCAD is one of the most important Softwares used in achieving this.In the world of design, one of the most useful software used is AutoCAD. It is a Commercial Aid Design (CAD) and software application. It has become so relevant in today's markets that it is being used by...

Fundamental Concept of Marine Engineering

The book coves the  fundamental concept of marine engineering. Thus, providing a basic exposition for future mariner's

A logistics approach to sea port efficiency; case study Tema port.

Abstract: This book explains innovation in the maritime logistics industry. In the literature review if this book, "A logistics approach to sea port efficiency; case study Tema port" more approaches, innovation are discussed.


INTRODUCTIONBugembe Town Council is located in the eastern part of Jinja District along the Jinja–Tororo highway, about 4 km from Jinja Municipality, which is the second largest town of Uganda in the Country. It is a home for most civil servants at the district and for the workers in most of the factories around, for example; Bidco Uganda Limited, Steel Rolling Mills Limited, etc. This has led to an increase in the demand and market for home commodities and to the development of small scale...