The Canal Fed (Pdf)

The Canal Fed (Pdf)


We returned home desolate and shattered. Bombing’s never an affair to toil! It would be good that we make the mouthpiece to discouraging our teaming youth who felt that fighting might be the way out of their struggles at any point in time.

War and the Canal are comparable to a harlot, especially when the said involved attacking the opponent with objects, the worst been shooting of guns and applying explosives of any kind.

Bomb would break a large part of the ground, raise the dust above ground level, burn the sand up in her heat that formed within the igniting elements, burning up and pouring out the combustion to hit any object which is standing above the ground level, renting it into parts until it turned into a wreck. It turns the object of target into a complete powder or mere particles. The combusting gasses within it is the combination of explosive elements that take the advantage of air, pulling it together, heating it up in fire and other poisonous gasses, releasing it all into a greater air environment to damage any upright standing object around.

The particles of the elements are very much deadly, the toxic components destroy health. It could only be felt within the gasses atmosphere, unfortunately, there’s not an animal that survived within the circumference because the gas choked, clogged, spewed debris, hot shells, hot particles, poisoned the air to damage respiratory organs, blind eyes, deaf the ears, break the skin, cut the bone and overall attack the heart.

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