A global recruitment and training organization, has partnered with Canadian employers looking to welcome professionals like yourself into their work force.

Not only will you get an opportunity to apply for various specialized job openings in Canadian companies, You will also be provided with guidance in interview preparations, job offer negotiations and lots more.



The Canadian government has recently committed to supporting companies efforts to bring foreign workers to Canada by granting work permits during Covid-19.

While Covid-19 has affected the jobs of millions of people around the world, there are still many jobs in Canada that remain unfilled. Certain sectors, such as aviation, have been negatively impacted. There are, however, many sectors in Canada that have actually increased their hiring. Mind Consulting continues to connect workers with Canadian companies in order to fill the demand for foreign workers.


Job Opportunities in Canada

The range of jobs spans from factory workers, construction workers, and artisans to office staff, high-tech specialists and business managers.Canada has many available jobs which allow foreign workers to come to Canada with a work permit which can lead to permanent residency. A job candidate can be male, female, single or married with a family. Selected candidates’ spouses and dependant family members are welcome to accompany the candidate to live in Canada.

If you are interested in an opportunity, please fill in the registration request form so we can begin to review your qualifications and work experience.

Your Family can move with you to Work in Canada

Your family is welcome to live with you in Canada for your new job. In addition to your work permit, spouses and common-law partners of successful candidates may be eligible for open work permits by the Canadian government.

Your children will go to school for free and your whole family will have free Canadian healthcare. We encourage couples to both apply for jobs because it increases your family’s chances of being selected by an employer. Both you and your spouse will ve assisted in finding jobs. With both you and your spouse being able to work in Canada, our experience has been that your family will become high earners and have the opportunity to accumulate great savings. In addition to our employment services, our team is standing by to help your family with your settlement in housing, schools and your local Canadian community.


The Process to Get a Full time Job in Canada

Please see below the process for registering, opening your personal profile and the steps toward being hired by a Canadian company

Registration Request
Send your registration request using the simplified form on the site.

Validate Your E-mail Address
Once you have submitted your registration request you will be asked to validate your email address.

Your Profile
Once you are registered in the database, they will continuously present you to employers who have a demand for workers such as you.

Your C.V. & Developmental Training
During this step they will create your C.V. and put you on a developmental path in order to improve your qualifications and enhance the promotion of your Personal Profile to Employers.

Your Presentation To Employers
Once your C.V. is in proper presentation form, and you have done some developmental training, you will be ready for our successful presentation of you to employers.

Your Job(s) Proposal
Once an employer(s) have selected you, Mind Consulting will ask you if you are interested in the job(s) being proposed.

Your Interview Preparation
Once you have expressed an interest in a job(s) proposal, Mind Consulting will prepare you for the interview(s).

Your Job Offer
Subsequent to your interview, Mind Consulting will present you with the employer(s) job offer(s) and help you negotiate the terms. This includes coordinating the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) associated with your job.

Your Work Permit
Once we have concluded the negotiation of your job contract, Mind Consulting will facilitate your application to the Canadian government for your work permit. Mind Consulting will also gather job offers and negotiate contracts for your spouse which will fall under your spouses legal ability to work with their accompanying open work permit.


Your Settlement in Canada
Once you receive your Canadian work permit, Mind Consulting will assist you in settling in Canada by helping you and your family find housing, schools and with other governmental processes such as medical cards and driver’s licenses.


How to Apply

Get started by registering to join the pool of candidates, use the APPLY link below.

Please fill out this Registration Request Form in order to be approved to join the pool of Candidates.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Once our team has approved your request for a Mind Consulting Membership, we will email you to open your paid Personal Profile.


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