Education/History Study Materials

History of Kenya Up to 1889: BEH 101

A, Examine social, economic and political organization of the following Kenya’s societies during the pre-colonial period. 1)The kikuyu 2)The Luo 3)The kalenjin B, Analyze the scramble and partition of East Africa citing the process of partition together with social, economic and political impacts

EFC 321 Past Question

1.       _______ is the education that is designed to meet uncommon needs of exception students. a)      Private education b)      Special education c)       Public education d)      Intermediate education 2.       The city of Sparta either eliminate or expose person with disability to unfriendly weather to die at the top of___________. a)      Mount Taygetu b)      Mount Everest c)       Mount Kilimanjaro d)      Mount Sinai 3.     �...