Piggery Farming Business Plan

Piggery Farming Business Plan

Executive Summary

Agro Business Piggery Farm Ltd is a startup pig farm that rear healthy pig and process high quality pork meat to meet an unsatiated need for quality pork meat in Lagos. Agro Business Piggery Farm has been in business for two years now and has grown in popularity. What was once a business targeting solely the Lagos community has grown into a business that has far broader appeal and customer base in Lagos and neighbouring states. 

Our business is production and sales of pork and live pigs. Our major aim is to establish a large farm that will produce these pigs in commercial quantities and sell to my numerous customers. 

We want to feed Nigeria with healthy meat and export to other countries. We will ensure that we sell the highest number of pigs for pork in Lagos and increase production every year in order to satisfy our customers. 

The most important thing in my business is hygiene and best practices in animal production. 

Our most important company strengths are measurement of life pigs weight, processing and packaging of pork, none of our products are exposed for contamination, and best possible hygienic measures are taken.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

    1. Objectives

    2. Mission

    3. Keys to Success

  2. Company Summary

    1. Company Ownership

    2. Company History

    3. Chart: Past Performance

  3. Market Analysis Summary

    1. Market Segmentation

      1. Table: Market Analysis

      2. Chart: Market Analysis

    2. Target Market Segment Strategy

    3. Service Business Analysis

      1. Competition and Buying Patterns

    4. Sales Strategy

      1. Sales Forecast 

      2. Tables: Sales Forecast

      3. Chart: Sales Monthly

      4. Chart: Sales by Year

  4. Strategy and Implementation Summary

    1. Competitive Edge

    2. Marketing Strategy

  5. Web Plan Summary

    1. Website Marketing Strategy

    2. Development Requirements

  6. Management Summary

    1. Personnel Plan

    2. Table: Personnel

  7. Financial Plan

    1. Break-even Analysis

    2. Table: Break-even Analysis 

    3. Chart: Break-even Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions About Piggery Farming

How to Write Business Plan for Piggery Farming

Conduct market research and analysis, determine the operations and management strategy, outline marketing strategy, create your financial plan. You can get the piggery farming business plan to help you get started. 

How Do I Start a Successful Pig Farm?

There are steps involved in starting and running a successful piggery business. Some of the key things you have to do to succeed include; you have to plan your piggery farm business, select suitable pig breeds for your farm, establish the right feeding program and nutrition plan, determine how to ensure your pigs remain healthy and disease free and a plan to sell/market your pigs to the target market.

How Profitable is Pig Farming?

The profit you make from pig farming can vary but overall pig farming can be very profitable. It may be a little capital intensive with a lot of production cost going to feeding, but pig farming will usually give between 15 - 35 % return on investment or more. One of the reasons why Pig farming can be lucrative is that they multiply fast and do not take a long time from infancy to being market ready.

How Long Will it Take for Pigs to Mature for Selling?

Usually you can start marketing/selling pigs after 5 or 6 months.

How Often Should Pigs Be Fed?

When they are young and with rapid growth you have to ensure their feeding trough is always well stocked. However when they reach their full, mature size you can give them a single, balanced, large feeding a day.

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