CHM 112 Exam Questions - Unilorin

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1.     1.   0.265 g of an organic compound produced on evaporation 102 cm3 of vapour at 373 K and 775 mmHg. Percentage composition of the constituents elements are 92.24 % C and 7.76 % H. The molecular mass and molecular formula of the compound are:

A.      78 g and C2H4

B.      *78 g and C6H6

C.      80 g and C5H5

D.      80 g and C4H8

2.       Solubility of pure organic isolate in sodium hydroxide solution, followed by reprecipitation with carbon (IV) oxide readily distinguishes



C.      *


3.       The geometry of organic molecule formed with SP, SP2 and SP3 hybrid orbital’s respectively are

A.      Triangular, tetrahedral and linear

B.      Linear, tetrahedral and triangular

C.      Pyramidal, linear and tetrahedral

D.      *Linear, triangular and tetrahedral

4.       One of the following does NOT describe a carbon bonded to four different atoms or groups of atoms

A.      *Stereochemistry

B.      Stereogenic centre

C.      Asymmetric centre

D.      Chirality center

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