Comparative analysis of hydraform and sandcrete blocks


materials play a vital role in the construction of buildings. The study run a
comparative analysis between Hydraform blocks and sandcrete blocks which are
both major components of walling to ascertain which block is more cost
effective, has high compressive strength and compare the benefit of Hydraform
block to sandcrete block. Snowball sampling technique was used to sample data
from nine professionals who have experience in the use of both Hydraform blocks
and sandcrete blocks. An interview guide was used to gather primary data from
respondents while other forms of secondary data including workshop documents,
journals, articles among others which were essential to the research were also
used. Descriptive statistics such as percentages, charts, tables and
frequencies were used to summarize quantitative data obtained whereas
qualitative data were analyzed based on meanings expressed through words. The
study noted that the initial cost of producing Hydraform blocks was higher than
the production cost of sandcrete blocks however the cost comparison of a square
metre wall construction using Hydraform blocks was 19% more cost effective than
sandcrete blocks. The study found that a unit of Hydraform block had a
compressive strength of 6.01Nmm-2 which was higher than that of
sandcrete blocks which was found to be 3.05Nmm-2  though both exceeded their minimum
compressive strength of 5.6Nmm-2 and 2.24Nmm-2
respectively. The study further found some comparative advantages of Hydraform
blocks over sandcrete blocks to include availability of raw materials, less
cement content and its aesthetics nature. Based on the findings of the study,
appropriated recommendations were made including the adoption of Hydraform
blocks by government in putting up affording housing for the citizenry since
the study proved it to be cheaper and stron
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