Counselling Persons with Disability

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This book will cover and fill the void that has been missing in the therapeutic sessions and bring the much needed change. You will feel less equipped if you utilize this book in your counselling studies or any therapeutic session and it does unlock any immunity to change.

Disability Definitions


Disability is often misunderstood by counseling professionals and society. More often than not, persons without disability perceive it as a negative event and as something undesired, although this is not necessarily the experience or belief of many persons with a disability. Counselors that work  with  persons with disabilities and  their  families need  to  understand  the  experience  and process  of  disability.  Unfortunately,  many  counseling  and  psychology  programs  do  not  offer extensive training in this area. In an effort to enhance counselors’ understanding and effectiveness when counseling persons with disabilities, the authors provide pertinent and relevant information to help individuals respond successfully and creatively to their disabilities. 

Goals for Disability Counselling


There is little question that the need for skilled professionals in "disability counselling" exists. The role of the counsellor in this area encompasses three functions: (1) To assist the person with disabilities toward personal adjustment; toward, that is, his or her acceptance of the "disabling" characteristics, (2) To assist the process of his or her integration into society, and (3) To contribute to the necessary education of the community, however that may be defined, in order  to  effectively  achieve  individual  acceptance.  The  role  of  the  counsellor  in  assisting  the individual with a disability has been well demonstrated (Bolton & Jacques, 1978; Marinelli & Orto, 1977). The counsellor is in a potentially advantageous position to accept the mandate to offer service to such clients. To put this type of expertise into clearer focus, it is necessary to examine the typical format in which rehabilitation services are offered.


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