Coursework on Classical Theories

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Management is the skill of getting work done with the active assistance of other persons hence an organization cannot attain its purposes without appropriate management. For instance, every society always depends on group work, and as many systematized groups have turned into large, the workload of managers has been growing significantly and difficulty also arises (Naidu,2016).  

According to  Nwachukwu, (2009),  management theories are the set of general rules that guide the managers to manage an organization effectively. A theory is a statement or system of thoughts, clarifying something, grounded in broad spectrum philosophies independent of the specific effects to be clarified or the range of theoretical understanding or abstract thought (Mili, 2014). Both the Classical and  Neo-classical theories will be discussed below

The Classical Theory

The classical theory emerged as a new paradigm in the early 1990’s to 1930 and it is composed of three major fields: Scientific management, bureaucratic theory and the administrative theory.

It undertakes that in an organization the individual is a reflexive tool, who can be influenced at determination by the owner or administration. Secondly, an individual is encouraged exclusively by financial inducements. Thirdly, is that a business is a closed system unaffected by outward environment (Self, 2015). 

It should be noted that although management has been practised since early history, the formal study of management didn’t begin until 20th (twentieth) century. These first studies of management, often called the classical approach, emphasized rationality and making organizations and workers as efficient as possible. Two major theories comprise the classical approach: scientific management  and general administrative theory.  The two most important contributors to scientific management theory were Frederick W. Taylor and the husband-wife team of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. The two most important contributors to general administrative theory were Henri Fayol and Max Weber. 

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