Design And Fabrication Of An Air Compressed Engine


The designed Air Driven Engine is an economic friendly engine which operates with the aid of a compressed air. In principle, an Air Driven Engine uses the expansion of compressed air to drive the pistons of an engine. An Air Driven Engine is a pneumatic actuator that creates useful work by expanding compressed air. There is no mixing of fuel with air as there is no combustion.

An Air Driven Engine makes use of Compressed Air Technology for its operation The Compressed Air Technology is quite simple. If we compress normal air into a cylinder the air would hold some energy within it. This energy can be utilized for useful purposes. When this compressed air expands, the energy is released to do work. So this energy in compressed air can also be utilized to displace a piston



1.1Aims and objectives
1.2 Statement of problem
1.3 Relevance of the project
1.4 Scope and limitation of study
1.5 Methodology


2.0 Literature review
2.1 Compressed air
2.2 Behavior of compressed air
2.3 How compressed air fuel a car
2.4 Conventional internal combustion engine
2.5 Engine systems
2.5 Working process of 4-stroke engine & 2-stroke engine
2.5.1 Flat four engine
2.6 Fundamental of compressed air engine
2.7 Development of compressed air engine
2.8 Compressed air technology (cat)


3.0 Equipment design, specification and description
3.1 The components
3.1.1The engine
3.1.2 The solenoid valve
3.1.3 Valve actuation system Infrared pair The electronic circuit
3.1.4 Resistors
3.1.5 Voltage dividers
3.1.6 Transistors

3.1.7 Comparator
3.1.8 Batteries
3.1.9 Wiring system
3.1.10 Valve timing disc The working of the circuit The circuit layout
3.1.11 The pipe system
3.1.12 Connectors

3.1.13 Pressure gauge system

4.0 Working principle, test ing and expected results
4.1 Working of air driven engine
4.2 Testing
4.2.1 Purpose of testing
4.2.2 Testing apparatus
4.2.3 Testing principle Brake power
4.2.4 Specifications of testing apparatus
4.2.5 Testing procedure
4.3 Results after testing

5.0 Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Recommendation


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