In this project (3) alternative design solutions were considered for the locally made electric run. The authors utilize the available local raw demerits of each alternative with respect to the considered group were discussed and the solutions of the alternative that best satisfied the limitations was selected for production. Material selection, design and cost of analysis, production processes and operation maintenance and problems encountered during the design were also included. 

The importance of preserving meat, fish and bread baking has been over emphasized. And also it has been a problem to mankind on how or the means of cooking food, which will be faster and easier. 
It was the acknowledgement of this simple fact that led to the design of stove and oven, which will be operated by an electricity. All existing stove with oven have almost the same frame work and virtually the same component parts.  They differ only in their medium of drying. This is because most dryers use gas as a heating medium, others use electric heating element, while others employ the use of solar energy. This now brings about three alternatives to be discussed in this project. This design in particular is an electric operated stove / oven. 
The design work is based on the authors experience gains during a four months industrial attachment period done after the first year of the national Diploma course in this department. It is also based on his knowledge of strength of material heat, transfer, thermodynamics, workshop technology, fluid mechanics, engineering measurement and engineering drawing gained during our two years of study in this institution.
These dryers/stove are widely used for the cooking, drying and preservation of meat, grains fish and cake/bread baking for domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial purposes. The local means of drying and preserving agricultural products including bread and cake baking is not enough to achieve the above purpose. Some limitations exist in the already existing models, of this machine. 

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