Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

This is a paper about generating sequences with matlab

A digital signal processor (DSP) is a specialized microprocessor (or a SIP block), with its architecture optimized for the operational needs of digital signal processing. The goal of DSPs is usually to measure, filter and/or compress continuous real-world analog signals.

1.1Generation of Discrete Time Sequences
Project 1.1: Delayed Unit Sample Sequence
A unit sample sequence is a sequence that has a value of one (1) at n=0, and a value of zero(0) for other values of n. Therefore a delayed unit sample sequence is a sequence whose value of one is delayed. In this case, it was delayed for 2 samples.

Project 1.2:Real Value Exponential Sequence
A real value exponential sequence is usually represented by
In our program, we are generating and plotting the real value exponential sequence of the following
x(n) = k(a)n ;
 0 ≤ n ≤ 45
k = 0.0001;   
a = 1.219
This creates a growing exponential sequence.

Q2. The parameter that controls the growth of the sequence is a. This is seen by varying the value of a in the MATLAB code and running it.
The parameter that controls the amplitude of the sequence is k. this is also seen by varying the value of k in the MATLAB code and running it.
Q3. The difference between the arithmetic operators ^ and .^ is that “^” raises a square matrix to a power using matrix multiplication. “.^” raises the elements of a matrix or vector to a power; this is a “pointwise” operation.
Q4. When the values of a andk are changed, the exponential sequence turns to a decaying exponential sequence. The sequence generated with a = 0.9 and k = 20 is shown below

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