Fabrication of a Pepper Grinding Machine

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Title page                                                                               i

Approval page                                                                        ii

Dedication                                                                             iii

Acknowledgement                                                                  iv

Abstracts                                                                               v

Table of Contents                                                                  vi


1.0 Introduction                                                                    1        

1.1 Aims and objectives of a pepper grinding machine       2

1.2 Objective                                                                         2

1.3 Units of a grinding machine                                          2

1.3.1 The Hopper unit                                                          3

1.3.2 The crushing unit                                                       3

1.3.3 The Power Unit                                                            3

1.3.4 The collection unit                                                      4

1.4 Literature Review                                                            4



2.0 Analysis of alternative method to grinding machine     5

2.1 Manual grinding machine                                              5

2.2 Grinding stone                                                                5

2.3 Choice of Alternatives                                                    6

2.4 Mortal and pestle grinding                                             7


3.1 General description and its working principle              8

3.2 Component of the pepper grinding machine                 8

3.3 Grinding Unit                                                                 9

3.4 Bearing                                                                           9

3.5 Pulley                                                                              10

3.6 Machine Stand                                                               10


4.0 Calculation for the grinding machine                            12

4.1 Volume of the hopper                                                     12

4.2 Mass of hopper                                                               18

4.3 Total weight of the machine                                           19

4.4 Discharge rate                                                                19

4.5 Velocity ratio of the belt drive                                        20

4.6 Efficiency of the grinding machine                                21


 5.0 Fabrication detail of pepper grinding machine            22

5.1 Material selection                                                           22

5.2 Consideration for the choice of material                       22

5.3 Fabrication Detail                                                           23

5.4 Testing and observation                                                 25

5.5 cost of analysis of material used                                    27


6.0 Conclusion, Recommendation and Reference               28

6.1 Conclusion                                                                      28

6.2 Recommendation                                                            28

Reference                                                                              29




The project titled fabrication of machine is used for grinding domestic food stuff like corn, pepper, beans, tomatoes, melon

e.t.c. The grinding operation was carried out in the olden days with the aid of grinding stone. This method is very tedious and unhygienic in nature. The particle of the grinding stone can easily be mixed with the grinding food items which may be hazardous to the food itself and also to the personnel undertaken such task by entering his or her body. It takes a lot of time and energy during operation (wwwcrushermachine.com).

Pepper grinding machine was fabricated purposely to overcome all the challenges which may be encountered when grinding using this primitive method. It can also be used for commercial purpose. Some of the machines were made to be operated manually. With this type of machine, series of labour is been done and a lot of energy been wasted in undergoing such task.

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