Fabrication of Electrical Pop Corn Machine

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The iron the popcorn machine has to be the machine that is fabricated to produce a large and reasonable amount of popcorn with a limited cost and of fast rate it is economical as it is known to be for average Nigerians and also as an appetizer to meet the demand of the consumer, the invention of this machine at very economical rate, its source of heat is an electric burner, with a very moderate height and a detachable aluminum pot and container to collect the pop corn, the fabrication  of the pop corn machine with an electric burner as source of heat . It connected with 100% copper wire with 230v, 50Hz, 1000w, the material used is aluminum plate, mould pot and stainless steel pot in the sense that aluminum is a good conductor of heat and has high resistance. Make it economical for both industrial and domestic use. The overall dimension of the machine 510mm, 50mm 45mm, 710 and 184671000mm3 for V and total weight is 196N (NEWTON) the total cost of project is 2341.350N respectively.


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