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Security of life and property cannot be over emphasized. Human beings need privacy in their various homes and offices which necessitate the need for doors among other security service. It has been a major challenge for the people to have door of high quality and that are also durable at affordable prices by an average Nigerian. This project was done purposely to fabricate a metal panel door of high quality capable of giving maximum securities to life and properties at affordable price.  

Locally available material such as mild steel and cast of different size and shapes, forms and format with thickness of 1mm x 2mm were used with available indigenous technology without compromising the standard. The metal panel door which consist of frame unit, panel unit, stopper, hinges and the lock. Has its total dimension and weight to be 2135mm   x 1220mm and 5639.8703N respectively. In other to prevent corrosion green anticorrosive (Glossy paint) were used. 


Title page i

Approval page ii

Dedication iii

Acknowledgement iv

Abstracts vi

Table of contents vii

CHAPTER ONE Introduction 1

1.1 Definition 2

1.2 Types 2

1.3 Need for metal panel door 3

1.4 Aims and objectives 3

CHAPTER TWO Analysis of Alternative Method and Choice of Best Alternatives 4

2.10 Types of door mechanism 6

2.20 Literature review 8

CHAPTER THREE General Description of Component and it Working Principle 12

3.1 Description of component part. 12

3.1 Working principle 13

CHAPTER FOUR Design Calculation 14

CHAPTER FIVE Selection of Material 18

5.1 Mechanical properties 18

5.2 Physical properties 19

5.3 Corrosion resistance 20

5.4 Economic properties 20

5.5 Environmental properties 20

CHAPTER SIX Conclusion and Recommendation 21

6.1 Conclusion 21

6.2 Recommendation 23

6.3 Reference 25

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