Research Papers/Topics in Structural Engineering

Non linear analysis using ADINA software

Linear analysis mostly applies to the problems that satisfy linear assumptions, materially linear problems that will have less displacements, less deformations, and boundary conditions which is constant. If any one of the above assumptions is not satisfied, a nonlinear analysis will have to be performed. ADINA Structures will provide powerful solving capacity and formulations which allows the solution of extremely complicated models with small CPU time and other memory requirements.

An Analysis Of Beams On Nonhomogeneous Elastic Foundation Using Initial Value Approach

ABSTRACT The paper presents an analysis of beams on non-homogeneous elastic foundation, where the deformation is partly localized and partly continuous. The soil was modeled to be in layers, in which two layers within the soil strata were considered. The different layers of the soil have their respective sub-grade modulus k, and the entire foundation is resting on a rigid base. The formulation was achieved by imbedding a beam of known bending rigidity within the layers of the foundation. The...