Hansole Client Management System

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The “main objective of developing a Client management system was triggered by the need to

improve and manage client more effectively. The current system shows several bottlenecks which

include Hansole Investments failing to remind all its clients to make payments whenever these

payments are due to be paid since they keep records about payments manually. There is no

effective contact between the client and the company. A feasibility study was carried out to

determine if the system cloud be developed and the results shows that it was viable to develop.

The system was developed us C# programing language Asp.net since it is a web based application

Parallel changeover strategy was used to implement the system so that the old system and the new

system can work together until the new system is fully stable and users fully appreciate how it

works. Maintenance of the system will be conducted as an on-going process to correct all errors

that may arise while the system is in use. The system can be further developed in the future by

incorporating integrating it with other system that are available such as bulk SMS bulk mailer and

domain main” account.

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