Incorporated Edible Insect based Foods The How And Why

Victor Enwemiwe 10 PAGES (6755 WORDS) Book Note/Review
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Edible insects are appealing assemblage of organisms with varied nutritional aspects ranging from high quality protein, natural fat, vitamins, fibre contents and diverse minerals. It is now a known fact that the world populace would crawl to insect-based foods after the “insect to feed the world” conference and world edible insect programmes as food shortages are alarming and climatic considerations are on the rise. With yearn for food everywhere, start-up and scaling up insect-based food production to complement the wants of man is significantly required. That edible insect incorporated food would be realised is the need for this review as how and why it should be actualized is the major question. Positive reports exhibit that persons in various localities of the world are accustomed to eating whole insects due to taste and confirmed delicacy while others due to food contamination. How? and why? are the major questions on the lips of many inquisitive persons and once this is redressed, the population of persons to be initiated would be highly significant at a P< 0.05 level. How the proposition would be redressed is through the inclusion criteria of potentially suitable edible insect species, stereotyped conditions of breeding, detailed intensive care of insect nutritional structure and profile, and risk assessments to combat threat in hygienic and toxicology aspects. Once the aforesaid factors are made readily available, edible insects edible insects would fully be implemented as food into the world legislation brochures. Breeding includes treatment as mini-livestock or in mechanized breeding facilities and not the stressful harvesting from the wild. That their benefits are very diverse and large quantity is guaranteed if properly treated answers the Why? Cultural, social, psychological and western bias are key note barriers already been fully redressed to realize the high prevalence in entomophagy and production of insect-based food products. Notwithstanding, a few insect-based products including fresh pasta from mealworm flour, jungle bars, protein bars, cricket flours, snack packs from various edible insects, insect candies and biscuits, amongst others are available in European markets but records of these insect-based food products in Africa and Nigeria are lacking. Although, feed production from larva and adult insects are available in South Africa. Since the activities of roasting, frying, cooking, toasting among other processing strategies and hawking whole processed insects within different regions in Africa and Nigeria are the order of the day, getting the African populace to have a bite from insect-based novelty foods would not be a difficult task. Entrepreneurs take note.

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