MAC 412- Sociology for Mass Communications

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3.1 Definition of Sociology

Sociology concerns itself with social relationships. A network of these relationships is called the Society which is the main concern of sociology. Although there are other aspects of social science that focus on some other aspects of society, the main concern of sociology is the relationships of the human race. Sociologists have generally vied into the nature of Sociology instead of defining it. Some have used colourless definitions such as “Sociology is the science of society.” Or “Sociology is the science of social phenomena.” There are others too, who define “Sociology” as “the name applied to a somewhat inchoate mass materials which embody our knowledge about society.”

There are other definitions that are definite but are inadequate and unsatisfactory in many ways. An example of such is “Sociology” being defined as “the science of social process” and “Sociology is the science of social relations.” A better definition than the above two is “Sociology” being defined as “the study of men considered as affecting and as being affected by association” or “the study of human association, including whatever conduces to it or modifies it.” Sociology treats of the phenomena of society arose from the association of mankind. It includes a body of classified knowledge relating to society and number of principles and laws. It investigates causes and effects, discovers social forces, and formulates laws of control or rules of actions. In view of this, a number of definitions of Sociology will be considered in this unit. Bamisaye (1990) defines “Sociology” as “a scientific study of human behaviour in the society.” The behaviour that sociologists are interested in is one that influences the lives of other members of the society in an important way. A sociologist that studies village life will be interested in how villagers behave at festivals, place of worship, their method of buying and selling in the village market. Another sociologist that studies urban society will be interested in factory workers, spending patterns, social life, and executive or business life of those living in the city. The concern of a sociologist determines his area of interest in his study. American Sociological Association defines “Sociology” as “the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behaviour.” Sociologist attempts to investigate the structure of groups, organisation and society and how people interact within these

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