Operation and Maintenance of Steam Boiler

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The steam boiler is to control specification problem, to illustrate how the evolving algebra approach to the specification and the verification of complex system can be exploited for a reliable and well-documented development of executable but formally inspectable and systematically modifiable code. A hierarch of stepwise defined abstract machine model in developed, the ground version of which can be checked for whether it faithfully reflects the informally given problem. The sequence of machine model the yield various abstract views of the system, making the various design decisions transparent, and leads to CH programs. The Abstract machine are evolving algebras and thereby have a rigorous semantically foundation allowing us to formalize and prove, under precisely stated assumption, some typical sample properties of the system. This provides insight into the structure of the system which supports easily maintenance extensions and modifications of both the abstract specification and the implementation.



Title                                                                                         i

Certification                                                                              ii

Dedication                                                                                   iii                                                                                                           

Acknowledgement                                                                     iv

Abstract                                                                                   v

Table Content                                                                           vi


1.0        Introduction                                                                     1

1.1    Background of steam boiler                                               4

1.2    Aim                                                                                 5

1.3    Objective of the study                                                        6

1.4    Scope of the Study                                                            7

1.5    Justification of the study                                                    7

1.6    Statement of the study                                                      10


2.0    Literature Review                                                              12


3.0    Materials and Method                                                        15  

3.1    Description of the fuel used                                                17

3.2    Procedure of the steam boiler machine                                 18        

3.3    Parts of the machine                                                         20

3.4    Strength of the material used                                             21        

3.5    Maintenance of steam boiler                                               22

3.6    Mechanical properties of steam boiler                                   22

3.7    Uses of steam boiler                                                          24

3.8    Function of steam boiler                                                     25

3.9    Merits and demerits of steam boiler                                     26


4.0    Experimental Analysis                                                        28

4.1    Result                                                                             29


5.0     Conclusion                                                                                   30


6.0     Recommendation                                                              33

6.1    Reference                                                      

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