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1. Chromosomes are duplicated during which phase of the cell cycle

(a) prophase  (b)metaphase  (c)interphase  (d)cyclophase

2.______ refers to cells which after completion of mitosis do not enter G1 phase.

(a)G2 cells (b)S cells (c)Go cells  (d) M cells

3. RNA synthesis stops at ______ and resumes at  ______

(a) late prophase and telophase  (b) early prophase and metaphase  (c)early metaphase and prophase  (d)middle interphase and late telophase.

4. Who first studied mitotic cell division?

(a)Walter cannon  (b) weather winter   (c)alexander fleming  (d) walter fleming.

5. Termination of prophase is signified by______

(a)disappearance of nuclear membrane (b)formation of spindle fibers (c)arrangement of chromosomes at the equatorial plate of the cell  (d) thicken of chromosomes.

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