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1. A process whereby a living organism lives inside/outside another living organism, deriving its food from the organism whereby it's living and causing harm to the host is called the ---------mode of nutrition

a. Saprophytic

b. Commensalism

c. Symbiotic

d. Parasitic

2. The parasite that causes harm to the other is the -------

a. parasite

b. host

c. Microorganism

3. The parasite that lives inside an organism is an----------

a. Endoparasite

b. Ectoparasite

4. The parasite that lives outside an organism is an-------

a. Endoparasite

b. Ectoparasite

5. Plasmodium Parasite, Tapeworm, Ascaris, Filaria worm, flatworm, lukeworm, etc are all examples of--------parasite

a. Endo

b. Ecto

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