Plb Past Questions-1

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1. The process of recombination of genetic materials during meiotic cell division is called____

(A)Synapse      (B)Chiasma      (C)Crossing over    (D)Transcription

2. Which of the following is odd one out?

(A)Fructose + glucose = sucrose     (B) Fructose + fructose = maltose    (C) Glucose + galactose = lactose   (D) Glucose + glucose = maltose

3. Lysosome is also known as ___ box

(A)Protective       (B)Suicidal      (C) Adaptive         (D) None of the above

4. Which of the following is not a protein?

(A)Keratin          (B)Haemoglobin          (C)Stearin         (D)Myoglobin            

5. The final product of the Calvin cycle is ______

(A)RUDP       (B)PGA         (C)ATP        (D) PGAL

6. The light reaction stage of photosynthesis takes place in the membranes of small sacs called____

(A) Chloroplast  (B)grana          (C)thylakoids          (D)photosystems

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