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In 21st century, State is everywhere. It is touching, directly or indirectly, all aspects of human existence. It has become omnipotent. This was not the case a few centuries age. Back then state had limited role. It was primarily concerned with (i) law and order and (ii) revenue collection. From this very small role to today’s all-pervading role, the role of state has been expanding.

What is a state? Many scholars have defined state in various ways. Even today modern day scholars attempt to define state taking into account its modern functions. In 4th century B.C. Aristotle, who is regarded as `Father of Political Science‟ had defined state. According to him, state is a union of families and villages having for its end a perfect and self-sufficing life, by which we mean a happy and honorable life. According to some scholars, this definition is so comprehensive that it can hardly be improved upon. Aristotle’s definition communicates the primary objectives of the state however we must study some more definitions of the State.According to Roger King, a state “as a more impersonal and public system of rule over territorial circumscribed society, exercised through a complex set of institutional arrangements and offices, which is distinguished from the largely localised and particularistic from power which preceded it.


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