The Maintenance of Workshop Equipment

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Maintenance is the technical exercise that is usually carries out on machines to restore a component going to fail or failed component back to it design function in the machine. The role of maintenance in machine work shop can not be over emphasized, because without it, many causality that would have been recorded in a workshop would have been much, most especially in some machine workshop that deal with the use of hazardous chemical in their production process of materials. e.g petroleum company. The need for maintenance in a workshop practice emerged so as to reduce repetitive break down of machine and accident to the operator, can be minimizes during the come of operating the machine. Also it is through this maintenance that the total running cost of a company can be reduced to greater minimum and if this maintenance practice is failed to be implemented in an organization, they are going to face the consequence. of not practicing the expedient ingredient of workshop equipments. and will as well increase the running cost which suppose not have increased if maintenance task has been in their organizational budget. Therefore, the role of maintenance in workshop is very important that any organization set up without it will definitely run into lost and lack of efficiency in their productions.


Title page i

Certification ii

Dedication iii

Acknowledgment iv

Abstract v

Table of content vi-vii


1.0 Introduction    1

1.1 Aim and Objective of Maintenance    2

1.2 Important of maintenance    2

1.3 Scope of the project    3


2.0 Literature Review   4-6

2.1   Maintenance of lathe machine   6-7

2.2    Maintenance of shaping machine    7

2.3    Maintenance of milling machine   8

2.4 Scheduling and cleaning 8-10

2.5 Lubrication 10-11

2.6 Function of machine                                                                  11                                                         


3.0   Methodology     12

3.1    General Description Of The Machines     12

3.2  Lathe 12-16

3.3  Milling 16-18

3.4  Shaping 18-21

3.5  Grinding 21-24

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