The production of bench shearing machines to reduce, alleviate and probably eliminate suffering, time, money, wastage of material and more especially the need for technological break through and self reliance has been a major concern of the federal government.
Metal shearing and shaping has been a tiring problem in the society from time immemorial especially toward our loco-parcatesis. To help eradicate these problem this project write up has delved  into simplicities and construction of bench shearing machine that can use to cut upto 3mm sheet of mild steel plate with a treated blade made up of high carbon steel.
The machine is manually operated with a long hurdle known as its effort.  The long length of the hurdle helps it to increase its output toward the work piece.  The material to be cut must be a low carbon material example mild steel, dead mild steel or aluminum alloys.
Other things discussed in this thesis include the component parts of the bench shearing machine, design and construction (sequence of operation), problems encountered and maintenance of the machine to help he reader get acquainted with the work done.
Several countries which has made an impact towards technological break through stated by cutting, shearing, filling and assembling metal parts inform of machine that could produce the desired component that is why a large portion of the training and skills of  workshop Engineer is devoted to the shaping of metal and stopping the process at the  proper time.
In the workshop, most of the shaping involves shearing of metal sheets, usually the conception of shearing suggest clearing the substance apart with a chisel, know that is not the case, it rather involves the shearing action by the use of snipe for tin sheets.
There are four different types of shearing metal sheets in the work shop this include;

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