Trade Disputes Act - CAP. T8 L.F.N. 2004

Trade Disputes Act - CAP. T8 L.F.N. 2004

The Nigeria Trade Dispute Act is An Act to make provisions for the settlement of trade disputes and other matters ancillary thereto. Below are some parts of the act. TO download the full document click on download button.

Procedure before dispute is reported
(1)      If there exists agreed means for settlement of the dispute apart from this Act, whether by virtue of the provisions of any agreement between organisations representing the interests of employers and organisation of workers or any other agreement, the parties to the dispute shall first attempt to settle it by that means.
(2)      If the attempt to settle the dispute as provided in subsection (1) of this section fails, or if no such agreed means of settlement as are mentioned in that subsection exists, the parties shall within seven days of the failure (or, if no such means exists, within seven days of the date on which the dispute arises or is first apprehended) meet together by themselves or their representatives, under the presidency of a mediator mutually agreed upon and appointed by or on behalf of the parties, with a view to the amicable settlement of the dispute.
Apprehension of trade dispute by the Minister
(1)      Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Act, where a trade dispute is apprehended by the Minster he may in writing inform the parties or their representative of his apprehension and of the steps he proposes to take for the purpose of resolving the dispute.
[1977 No. 54.]
(2)      Such steps as the Minister may, pursuant to this section, take may include- (a) the appointment of a conciliator under section 8 of this Act; or (b) a reference of the dispute or any matter relating thereto for settlement to the Industrial Arbitration Panel under section 9 of this Act; or (c) a reference of the dispute to a board of inquiry under section 33 of this Act.
Reporting of dispute if not amicably settled
(1)      If within seven days of the date on which a mediator is appointed in accordance with section 4 (2) of this Act the dispute is not settled, the dispute shall be reported to the Minister by or on behalf of either of the parties within three days of the end of the seven days. [1988 No. 39.]
(2)      A report under this section shall be in writing and shall record the points on which the parties disagree and describe the steps already taken by the parties to reach a settlement.
Notice requiring compliance with sections 4 and 6
(1)      The Minister shall, if not satisfied that the requirements of sections 4 and 6 of this Act have been substantially complied with, issue to the parties a notice in writing specifying the steps which must be taken to satisfy those requirements and may specify in the notice the time within which any particular steps must be taken.
(2)      Where after the expiration of the period specified in the notice issued under sub- section (1) above or, if no period is specified, after the expiration of fourteen days following the date the notice is issued, the dispute remains unsettled and the Minister is satisfied-
(a)      that the steps specified in the notice have been taken; or
(b)      that either party is, for its part, refusing to take those steps or any of them, the Minister may proceed to exercise such of his powers under section 8, 9, 17 or 33 of this Act as may appear to him appropriate.

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