The main purpose of this Project is to learn the basic of Digital Electronics before ones put them into practice in the real world. This  

The main purpose of this Project is to learn the basic of Digital Electronics before ones put them into practice in the real world. This entails learning the basic of Digital Electronics with the use of few pieces of equipment such as Bread Board, LED’s, Registers, Raspberry Pi. This Project was carried out to give students a better understanding of how digital circuits work. Students were expected to apply their knowledge on logic gates while carrying out the experiment. For visual results, LEDs were used to show the output with different inputs as well as a use of a buzzer. Input was administered in the form of running the python code through Raspberry Pi. The main aim was to create a smoke detector alarm with the use of two LED Red and Green. One of the LED lights is to say that the system is in safe mode while the other one is to say that there is smoke detected. Furthermore, it helped us to learn combination use of

Breadboard as well as Raspberry Pi. The result was as we expected, it worked without any issue and did what the system was designed to do.

It covers the area of monitoring and controlling appliances in home as per user’s configuration and control. As the automation is performed on Raspberry Pi device along with Breadboard, it combines the overall benefits from both devices and thus useful in implementing our tasks. It primarily focuses on safety and then other facilities extended along with it. Services like knowing temperature reading, lights On/Off condition. The Alarm system is to help user with right information in right time to avoid accident and loss. The controlling section is great importance in smoke sensor. User will have automatic settings to control the appliances. Further, this service is good and one of the reliable way to encapsulate home from internal and external danger. People in job or outside home can work freely and smartly having control to their home. They can just sit and login browser and see what is going on in their home in just a second and feel that their home is with them all time. Alarm system is truly one of the needs in today's world. People rely and feel safe and warmth in their home with their family. Alarm brings closer and safer to them. 

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