ZLY101 CBT CA Questions

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1. Which of these characterize high temperature in water

A. Thermolimnion 

B. Epilimnion 

C. Hypolimnion 

D. Thermocline

2. Plants take in nitrogen in which form

A Nitrate 

B. Nitrites 

C. Nitrogen 

D. Ammonia

3. Which is not a soil component

A. Inorganic 

B. Mineral 

C. Organic 

D. Soil water

4. What fixes atmospheric nitrogen

A. Azobacter 

B. Nitrosomonas 

C. Nitrobium 

D. Nitrobacter

5. Ecology deals with the study of

A. Living beings

B. Living and non-living components

C. Reciprocal relationship between the living and non-living components

D. Environment

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