The very nature of human anatomy suggests that men and women are complements to each

other because they cannot procreate alone. Some of the distinctions between them relate to

physiology, some to culture, and some to the way God created us. In spite of visual and

otherwise obvious differences, men and women are similar in many ways. They have

common physical, emotional, social, and religious needs, although each person is unique and

possesses individual characteristics. Amid all the coincidences between the two sexes, the

man and the woman are sufficiently distinct to raise questions related to role definition and

relationships. In our pursuit of the marriage ideal, we shall explore marriage as a partnership.

A partnership implies some sort of equitable arrangement. It suggests two or more parties

have united in a common effort because the relationship is desirable or necessary. In marriage,

the partners are more intimately related than in other partnerships. Marriage partners merge

their lives and pledge their support for one another. A true partnership is one where the

parties involved hold confidence in each other, where full trust and loyalty exist. Such

partnerships should produce wholesome associations, warmth, and pleasure. Like all

partnerships, marriage is based on mutual trust and loyalty, but it extends to embrace an

additional essential--love. The strength of a marriage partnership rests with the principles

upon which it is based and the willingness of the partners to subscribe to those principles. In

God's plan, marriage is intended for one man and one woman. In the early days of civilization,

men moved beyond the ideal and took on additional wives. Polygamy still thrives in some

parts of the world, but it is not the divine intention. Partnerships normally offer a provision

for being dissolved. However, marriage should be a permanent arrangement.

Marriage is an ordained institution from the Lord for the procreation and establishment of

homes where happiness and joy will reign. The institution is considered to be the residue of

sinless Eden. Gen. 1:28; Prov. 18:22.

Marriage is the oldest human institution. (In fact, it is older than the Church or human


We live in an age of low moral standards when marriage vows are easily broken and divorce

is considered common. God’s laws and his standard do not change. Although it is golden,

marriage creates some problems for the youths. To get the best from our youths, therefore, they must be taught about marriage. In fact, the quality of our life as Christians depends on

the quality of our marriages.

Another thing is that many of us as Christians fail to pray for our marriages. We are careless

about it because we think it is not part of our spiritual exercise. Until you realize this fact, you

cannot have a marriage that will be what God intends it to be.



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